Girls of China 

 FarNear NYC/ Nowness Asia 

This series explores what it means to be a girl in China. Throughout history China has had a complex relationship with woman and girls, from girls being seen as second to boys , to the one child policy, to birth rights, motherhood and being seen as nothing more than wives and house keepers. I wanted to explore these topics and roles girls have in China, with the lightness of Sophie fooling around with her grandmothers antiques. As just like many Chinese traditions and views, perhaps they too are simply getting dusty and need revising: Just like antiques, traditions can be beautiful, yet often over protected as their value become questionable over time.

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The Everyday of Grandma Lam 

FatBoy Zine - Antenne Books 

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The Everyday of Grandma Lam is a documentation on the mundanity and beauty of everyday life. How we repeat simple actions, eating, sleeping, cooking and living. The Film explores themes of growth, mortality and memory. Read the full story here 

Wieden + Kennedy 

"Call it Covid-19" is a response to the rising discrimination against Asians around the world as a direct result of the COVID-19 outbreak.